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Viejo: The Complete Series, Volume Two: A Classic Western Action and Adventure Series (Books #5-#9)

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Come along for an action-packed ride with author Cliff Hudgins as he tells a tale of classic Western adventure in this second box set of his acclaimed Viejo series!

The central Texas area was the host to many things following the Civil War, and some of them dangerous. Outlaws from other states found the vast open areas conducive to their illicit trade. The most loathsome were those who worked behind their trade, out of sight but deadly.

When Texas Ranger Lee Brannon is tracking a band of rustlers, he realizes someone is hot on his trail. He must deputize a young man to watch his back as they attempt to ambush him.

When life tosses him into a desperate situation, he must resort to his wits and his inner strength. If there is one thing Brannon knows growing up is difficult in the best circumstances, but deadly circumstances force you to grow up quicker. Just when things seem to go awry, the mysterious Viejo appears and it will take every bit of knowledge, courage, and determination to solve this dilemma.

One question remains, will Brannan and Viejo’s legacy survive?

Viejo: The Complete Series Volume 2 includes Viejo and the Hunted Ranger, Viejo and the Locoweeds, Grandpa and the Kid, The Cry Not Heard, and Grandpa’s Legacy.