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McNally: Texas Ranger (McNally Texas Ranger Book #2)

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The western plains of Texas were lawless in the early years. Bandits and Comanche raided ranchers and committed unheard-of atrocities. The war cry of the Comanche would chill to the bone, but the cry for help was chilling to the heart because there were few to help.

One group stood between the lawless and the ranchers and farmers. These men rode for Texas. They were dead shots, full of courage, and determined to change the course of their state.

Their fortitude can be seen when a West Texas Sherriff asked for help in quelling a massive riot and was startled when the train arrived and only one Texas Ranger stepped off. The response, when asked about the other rangers, was simple and to the point, “You only got one riot, you only get one Ranger.”

When the atrocities involved children only one Ranger was on call, Pete McNally. One word described Pete McNally’s resolve: Tenacity.