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The Glinkov Extraction: A Scott Stiletto Thriller (Scott Stiletto Book #3)

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The Glinkov Extraction is the third book in the hard-edged Scott Stiletto action thriller series.

An authorized mission to rescue a friend may be the last adventure of Stiletto’s career … or his life.

A coup stirring in Russia to overthrow President Putin faces the wrath of Moscow police and government agents. Suspects are arrested or assassinated. Survivors run for their lives, including Vladimir Glinkov, a friend of Scott Stiletto.

Glinkov desperately calls for help, but the U.S. government will not get involved. Despite his pleas to aid a friend in need, Stiletto is ordered to stand down.

But Stiletto will not do nothing while a friend suffers. He’ll get Glinkov and his family out of Russia before they’re executed… or die trying.

"...Stiletto is every bit as exciting, gritty, and tough as [Vince] Flynn's Mitch Rapp!...”