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Avenging Angels: Prince of Lies (Avenging Angels Book #10)

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The telegraph was a real boon in bringing civilization to the wildest corners of America's frontier empire. That is until a city slicker from back east used it to swindle banks out of the contents of their vaults. Robbing his way west with a keypad instead of a gun helps Hudson Briggs avoid the dangers of the badlands until he runs into the Seth Gatling gang. His little parlor trick looks to these outlaws like a license to steal...and more.

Reno and Sara find pickings slim in Kansas and take to buffaloing hog rustlers and petty thieves. Things get so tight that Reno is even tempted to get a job! Will this be the final ride for the bounty killers? Is this where the vengeance trail ends?

And that's where the Gatling gang rides into the lives of Reno and Sara Bass. Their interest in the Gatlings is purely monetary and they hunt the gang across Kansas in search of a payday. But that hunt turns into a chase by locomotive and horseback with messages sent down the singing wire making trouble for the gun-slinging siblings all along the way.

From the streets of Abilene to the walls of a prison to a deadly ambush in a blind coulee, the Bass twins have their bloody work cut out for them when they meet the Prince of Lies.