Coffin Jack: A Western Duo by Tony Masero

Coffin Jack: A Western Duo by Tony Masero

eBook: $0.99
Genres: Western Fiction, Westerns
Publisher: Wolfpack Publishing
Publication Year: 2020


Coffin Jack is a dark souled assassin that does not possess much; he lives alone with only feral cats for company in his isolated shack in the mountains and barely ventures down to civilization except when he gets the call.

Joined by his now partner, Lowell Devereux – a naive reporter who was unceremoniously thrown into the path of Coffin Jack while seeking uplifting stories to inspire the readers back east – the two are out prove all that they are capable of. Their wild journey takes them across country to confront a series of deadly challenges and plunge into an esoteric nightmare that transforms the pair. From there they are taken on a trail through the darker side of the Old West where factions differ and it is a new enemy they must face…

A tongue-in-cheek Western with all the blood and thrills of a regular rough ride, or as Coffin Jack might say, “Ya gotta own a pinch of salt for this one.”

Coffin Jack: A Western Duo includes – Deathdealer and Gravedigger.

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