Cherokee Joe and Jerusalem Camp by Cameron Judd

Cherokee Joe and Jerusalem Camp by Cameron Judd

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Genres: Western Fiction, Westerns
Tags: Coming Soon, Western
Publisher: Wolfpack Publishing
Publication Year: 2022
ISBN: 1639775102

Writing with power, authority, and respect for America’s frontier traditions, Cameron Judd captures the spirit of adventure and promise of the wild frontier in these two full-length novels in one volume.

The lawmen call him Cherokee Joe, but his given name is Joe Wolfkiller. He’s a rebellious half-breed wanderer wanted for numerous crimes in the Indian Territory. Despite the danger, Joe ventures back into the Cherokee Nation when he learns his father is at Death’s door.

Deceived by the white man and deeper in trouble, he befriends an eccentric old Indian who carries an ulunsuti, an ancient crystal credited with awesome, but fickle, powers. Joe agrees to help the old man in his final quest: to find his long-lost daughter and bequeath to her the mighty legacy of their people… a journey that will bring bitter vengeance and mortal danger.

In Jerusalem Camp, when a mysterious, on the lam drifter named Tellico rides into the isolated Sierra Mountains town of Jerusalem Camp, he soon finds himself snowed in by a fierce winter storm in a town where an unknown killer has begun stalking the populace for reasons no one can seem to fathom. Killing with a long knife and further mutilating his victims by severing one thumb, the unseen murderer soon begins leaving hints that his actions may not be as random as they appear…

As he is drawn into the effort to find and stop the "Gray Man" who terrorizes the town, Tellico joins with the local blacksmith-turned-reluctant-town-marshal in trying to determine why death has descended upon Jerusalem Camp, and just what, and whose, long-buried sin it is that the Gray Man is determined to avenge.

“Brilliant characterizations . . . The classically suspenseful, neatly ironic ending is flawless.” – Publishers Weekly (for Jerusalem Camp)

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