Canyon of Death: A Western Fiction Classic (Yakima Henry Book 16) by Peter Brandvold

Canyon of Death: A Western Fiction Classic (Yakima Henry Book 16) by Peter Brandvold

eBook: $2.99
Series: Yakima Henry, Book 16
Genres: Western Fiction, Westerns
Publisher: Wolfpack Publishing
Publication Year: 2021

Yakima Henry is once again Town Marshal of Apache Springs, Arizona. Not an easy job, for Apache Springs is booming and the railroad has come to town. Badmen outnumber the lawmen by a thousand to three.


Yakima’s job gets all the harder when someone kills a prominent businessman and siccs two kill-crazy assassins on Yakima himself. Turns out that’s the least of his worries, for someone else sends even more killers bent on turning him toe-town – Yakima would like to know why.

It seems to be tied to the fact that the mysterious, treasure-laden canyon southwest of Apache Springs is being the target of more and more gold-hungry men searching for their own El Dorados. However, according to the beautiful young desert rat, Emma Kosgrove, the canyon was cursed by an Apache witch. The removal of the treasure would release the curse from the canyon and wreak havoc across the land.

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