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Texas Glory by Robert Vaughan

Texas Glory by Robert Vaughan

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Genres: Literature & Fiction, Western Fiction
ISBN: 0312959389

They came from the hills of Tennessee and the bayou of Louisiana. They came with long guns and dreams, and called themselves Texans. They fought to get there.
They fought to stay. Now, they would fight to the death.
With names like Crockett, Houston and Bowie, they fought and clawed their way to an adobe-walled fortress called the Alamo. There, the small army of Independence stood in the way of Santa Anna's best troops. Outnumbered forty-to-one, they came to the Alamo to die, and their fight would live forever...

Robert Vaughn master Western storyteller, tells the ultimate American frontier epic, the saga of the men and women whose destinies met at the Alamo, and the courage that shaped a legend and a land.

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An Epic Saga Of The Alamo

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