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Sam Houston: The Historical Fiction Trilogy by Robert Wisehart

Sam Houston: The Historical Fiction Trilogy by Robert Wisehart

eBook: $0.99
Genres: Historical, Historical Fiction
Publisher: Wolfpack Publishing
Publication Year: 2021

Vividly evoking the triumphs and tragedies of Sam Houston’s life.


A war hero, statesman, maker of marathon speeches, prodigious drinker, brawler, and leader of the Texas revolution, Sam Houston was also a peacemaker and diplomat. Robert Wisehart tells Sam Houston’s story as a grand, coursing adventure of the early nineteenth century, placing the reader amid the swirling currents of the times.

He served as governor of Tennessee and Texas and as president of the independent Republic of Texas. His two contrasting father figures were a Cherokee chief, who had adopted him as a runaway teen, and President Andrew Jackson, who later assigned Lieutenant Houston with the task of moving the Cherokee off their cherished ancestral lands in the Southeast.

A gripping story of a crafty leader whose faults sometimes overwhelm his considerable virtues.

Sam Houston: The Historical Fiction Trilogy includes – Born For The Storm, The Rising and The Lion At Bay.

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