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Ridin’ Lonesome by B.N. Rundell

Ridin’ Lonesome by B.N. Rundell

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Genre: Western Fiction
ISBN: 1629186082

He thought it would be the adventure of a lifetime, but little did he know he would face unbelievable loss and tragedy before they reached their destination. An attack by a war party of Pawnee was costly and resulted in the loss of many lives. But with God's hand upon him, J.W. Harpold set out to find his own way in life. All he knew was he wanted someplace warmer and that meant head South.

With detours along the way in a Ute Indian camp, and with a couple of Texas bound cowboys, J.W. would find himself in the middle of cow country and looking for a job. Little did he know he would soon find the love of his life and the two would plan a life together, but a vengeance seeking member of her family would derail those plans.

But J.W.'s God proves to be bigger than any circumstance and the girl of his dreams would become the light of his life. Their hope was to start a family and build a life together, but a bitter father and challenging circumstances would stand in their way. Based on a true story, this account of the lives of a young Texas couple in the midst of Indian wars, cattle ranching and a feuding family prove to be difficult but rewarding as well.

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