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Massacre Canyon: A Lone McGantry Western by Wayne D. Dundee

Massacre Canyon: A Lone McGantry Western by Wayne D. Dundee

eBook: $2.99
Series: Lone McGantry, Book 5
Genres: Action Adventure, Western Fiction, Westerns
Publisher: Wolfpack Publishing
Publication Year: 2022

Wayne Dundee’s straight-shootin’, hard-ridin’ fan favorite is back in the saddle again, hell bent for leather on getting justice.

Arriving on horseback at a railroad watering station where he means to briefly rest and hopefully find some refreshment before moving on, Lone McGantry tangles with a pair of rowdy cowboys who are up to no good.

No sooner is that resolved than a train arrives after having been just robbed. Aboard is Jeth Howard, an old friend of Lone's from his days as an army scout. As a favor to Jeth, who has particular reasons for wanting to regain a priceless heirloom in the form of a jeweled brooch that was taken during the robbery, Lone agrees to aid him in the pursuit.

The pair proceed to chase the train robbers–the notorious Dar Pierce gang–through Colorado and across the borderlands of Nebraska and Kansas. Along the way they encounter other dangers, including betrayal, a near lynching, and the rescue of Minowi, an Indian girl on the run, before the final showdown comes in Massacre Canyon, where an historic Indian battle once took place.

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