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Deadman’s Fury by Linell Jeppsen

Deadman’s Fury by Linell Jeppsen

eBook: $2.99Audiobook: $17.46
Series: The Deadman Series, Book 2
Genres: Action Adventure, Western Fiction

In 1892, Sheriff Matthew Wilcox learns that his wife’s niece, Amelia Winters, has been abducted. Once more, he gathers his posse and hits the trail hunting outlaws. What he discovers shocks, dismays, and angers him: Amelia is only one of hundreds of women kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery.
An exotic auction is about to take place and time is of the essence. The sheriff and his posse are making things difficult for the criminals and a pile of money is at stake. The bandits realize, the sooner they can get rid of Sherriff Wilcox, the better.
But Matthew and his men won’t go down easy.
In this much-awaited sequel to DEADMAN’S LAMENT, readers are in for another thrilling Western ride as these dedicated lawmen put their lives at risk seeking justice.

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