Be Kind to Editors

Be Kind to Editors

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With September coming to an end, so is Be Kind to Editors and Writers month. We heard from the writers but now it’s time to hear from the people who put the finishing touches on the stories we love, the editors! And just because the month is ending doesn’t mean you get to stop being kind to your editors and writers!

We got a chance to hear from two of our Wolfpack Publishing editors, Linell Jeppsen and Rebecca Stroud.

Linell Jeppsen

“Since I first started writing my thirteen-plus novels, I’ve always had an editor. And, trust me when I say, no matter how good of a yarn you might have, no one, in my humble opinion, can do the story justice without a good editor.

A writer’s brain is a fabulous tool, but it’s also somewhat gullible. If the writer thought he wrote- The one-eyed Pifflypop, escorted Daniel into the golden verge… but what he actually wrote was- The one-eyed Pifflypop Daniel into the golden verge- that’s when your editor comes in and makes your statement valid.
That’s because your brain often sees what it wants to see- not what’s there! It’s a science-thing. Also, the editor is there to fix your typos, clean-up your spelling errors and keep your tenses on track.

Writing is HARD! Not only do you need to present a good story (without plot-holes and/or loose ends) you need to use the mechanical sphere of your brain to fix all the errors you made while the madness of your ‘creative sphere’ took over. Frankly, I find it almost impossible to write while I’m in “editor” mode. It’s like expecting your water-tap to run both ways at once!”

Rebecca Stroud

“I am a former newspaper reporter/columnist and the author of eight books (fiction and nonfiction). Yet, being an avid reader and a stickler for details, I found so many novels in need of editorial help that I decided to set my sights in that direction; I also enjoy it, knowing I can make a good story even better.
So, in the last three years, I’ve line-edited over 30 books in various genres, a few of which have won awards. Therefore, I cannot stress enough the importance of a professional editor; not only does a well-edited book garner higher sales/reviews but it satisfies the reader in many ways which is the ultimate goal for published writers.”


Thank you for what you both, and every editor out there, do for us!

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