April's New Releases

It’s Friday, April is coming to an end and it finally feels like Spring (or summer for some of us.) If you’re anything like me then your only plans for the weekend are to devour a good book or two. Lucky for all of us we’ve had some great reads released this month, so, here they are!


Trail Of The Vanished by Lane R WarenskiTrail of The Vanished by Lane R Warenski

By the Author of Grizzly Killer: The Making of a Mountain Man- True West Magazine's best in Frontier Fiction for 2017. Trail of The Vanished quickly became a #1 New Release in Western Science Fiction on Amazon, and readers are thrilled about it.

What a delight it is to read a masterfully created novel full of authentic and extremely entertaining information about an earlier era of our country's adventurous beginning! Warenski, a true outdoorsman at heart, demonstrates his gifted ability to spin one of the most enjoyable tales ever . . . and it's almost believable! Caution readers, don't plan on stopping until the end!” – Amazon Reader


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Frontier Freedom by B.N. Rundell Frontier Freedom by B.N. Rundell

The second book in the Rocky Mountain Saint series quickly became a #1 New Release in Classic Literature & Fiction. B.N. Rundell delivered everything he had with this series, and it does not disappoint!

I have been following B.N. Rundell’s writing career for some time now and I think his latest book, FRONTIER FREEDOM, may be his best to date. Rundell seems to be finding his voice in his GP-rated, lightly Christian, stories of young men and woman exploring the old west, carving lives for themselves as they make friends, form families, and enjoy life even as they face dangers from Indians, wild animals, and nature.” – Amazon Reader


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Target Earth by Robert Vaughan

Target Earth by Robert Vaughan

Bestselling author, Robert Vaughan, brings us the second book in A Slack Team series, Target Earth.

About The Book:

Entire communities are disappearing from the face of the earth. It's up to Tank, and the Slack Team to find out why.


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Trail’s End by John D. Nesbitt Trail's End by John D. Nesbitt

#1 New Release in Western Short Stories the day of its release! Nesbitt brings us the perfect weekend read that you can fit in no matter how busy you are!

A good-natured drifter stops in the town of Five Pigs to wet his whistle. Seeing the local cattlemen faced with the threat of a tide of sheep and sheepherders, he devises a plan to keep himself in whiskey. Complications follow.


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