R.B. Tetro

An Interview With R.B. Tetro

By Lauren Bridges

R.B. Tetro joined Wolfpack Publishing in 2016 and has had three books published thus far, which include Misty Hill Reckoning, An Unlikely Gun Hand and Red Robin.

 Wolfpack: I know you had quite a few jobs before you began writing, what was it that finally inspired you to start writing?

R.B. Tetro: …five years ago, come March, I had what is commonly known as, the widow- maker heart- attack which brought my career as a bounty hunter to a sudden end and left me working as a caretaker for a large estate. I was not used to such a slow paced way of life and I struggled with missing all the action until I decided to try writing about a year and a half later. In writing I found my release. I could be anywhere and do anything and be anybody and so I wrote and wrote some more and am still writing obsessively.

WP: You currently have three books out, all very different, what genre do you prefer writing or find easiest to write?

RBT: I like action, other than that, anything goes…I wish I could find my true place in the genre’s but as of yet, I just write what comes to mind.

WP: What’s the last book you read?

RBT: The last book I read was a Robert B. Parker novel, Appaloosa…I am a big fan of his work.

WP: Out of your three books, Misty Hill Reckoning, Unlikely Gun Hand, and Red Robin, which has been your biggest labor of love?

RBT: I would have to say, Red Robin. I started and stopped and walked away from that particular novel three times over three years, each time returning, more out of love for the characters than anything else, and when I finished it, I felt and still feel a large sense of accomplishment.

WP: What do you do in your free time, or what’s an average day look like for you?

RBT: Up at 5…write for an hour, get my six year old ready for the bus, off to work, off at 4, usually pick my step-daughter up at basketball or watch one of her games on the way home, once home, homework, spend time with my six year old-usually wrestling- try and watch the news with my wife and then off to write once their all in bed until I can’t stay awake any longer, and then up again to do it all again the next day.

WP: Is there a quote or advice you’ve received that you live by? What is it?

RBT: The best advice I’ve ever found is in the Bible.

WP: Do you put any parts of your life or people in your life into your books?

RBT: There are bits and pieces of people I know and meet in all of my stories as well as bits and pieces of myself. Sometimes, I will see a complete stranger that grabs my attention and use parts of them in a story.

WP: Who is your biggest motivator?

RBT: My biggest motivator is doing better for my family.

WP: Are your books as successful as you thought they would be?

RBT: I’m afraid not, although I have no desire what so ever to be famous. I am a hermit- according to just about anybody that knows me- but I do want people to read my work and to appreciate the story’s I create. The biggest favor anybody can do for me is to read one of my books. Once they do that, I feel like we have common ground to build on.

WP: Are you working on anything right now?

RBT: I’m close to finishing a traditional western entitled, Bound for Lead, and am currently working on three other novels, all in differing stages.

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