A twenty-five-year veteran of radio and television broadcasting, Brian Drake has spent his career in San Francisco where he’s filled writing, producing, and reporting duties with various stations. A love of reading when he was younger inspired him to create his own stories. Today, Brian Drake spends time between reports and carefully guarded morning and evening hours cranking out action/adventure tales. Drake is one of three authors of the best-selling, action & adventure Team Reaper Series for Wolfpack Publishing.


Wolfpack Publishing: When you heard about Team Reaper were you instantly on board?

Brian Drake: No, actually. Mark Allen told me about the project, and it sounded interesting, but I was tied up with another deal at the time. Once my schedule opened, Mark had a few chapters done that I looked at, and then I asked about contributing.

Wolfpack: Did you know Brent Towns and Mark Allen before working on this series with them?

Brian: I’ve known Mark for a few years and we started corresponding on Facebook back when we were self-publishing. Brent I hadn’t known at all until we talked about Reaper.

Wolfpack: So far, what has been your favorite Team Reaper book?

Brian: Any book that has my name on the cover.

Wolfpack: Did you ever think the Team Reaper books would be as successful as they have been?

Brian: I knew they would be, actually. It was a no-brainer as far I was concerned. Despite what Big Publishing wants everybody to believe, there is still a very strong market for action-adventure novels. It might not be like the heyday of the ‘70s and ‘80s, but the audience is there. Reaper’s success, and the success of Stiletto and Cody’s War and a number of other Wolfpack action titles, proves that.

The Termination Protocol (Scott Stiletto 1) by Brian DrakeWolfpack: How did Scott Stiletto come to life and can we expect his story to continue for a while?

Brian: I started writing about Stiletto when I was 14 and wanted to do a James Bond-style hero, but my American blue-collar background certainly made him less “sophisticated” than Bond. Anyway, he went through various incarnations and scenarios to finally become what he is today. I hope he continues for a while. You’ll have to ask readers about that. If they get tired of him, then we’ll try another hero, I suppose.

Wolfpack: How much research goes into your books?

Brian: That depends on the subject matter. If I’m writing about the stealth-detecting radar technology featured in Stiletto #4: The Petrova Betrayal, then there’s a ton, because all that science has to be understandable to people who don’t have a degree in physics. On the other hand, Stiletto #6: The Giordana Connection, didn’t involve a lot of research. Giordana is a crime story, Stiletto solving a murder, so the research for that was very light. I only had to look up details about the city in which it took place.

Wolfpack: I know you’re still in radio broadcasting, when do you find the time to write?

Brian: I’m the traffic, weather, and sports guy at the radio station, so when I have downtime between reports (four per hour that run 90-seconds each), I can type a little. I get most of my work done at home, usually in the morning before I leave for the office. I’d love to do some typing at night, but as soon as I drop onto the couch, our cat Buster is in my lap and nothing gets done once he curls up.

Wolfpack: Do you think, as a writer, you see the world differently because you’re always thinking about possible stories?

Brian: Yes, but how I see the world started much earlier. I worked as an investigative reporter for a newspaper for a short time, and when you’re writing those kinds of stories, you’re always looking for the stuff nobody is talking about, what somebody might be hiding, all that nonsense, and I tend to be more “conspiracy” oriented than normal people. I’m always looking for the truth behind the curtain and wondering what’s there and if we aren’t getting the real story about something, what might the truth actually be? That’s where my ideas come from.

Wolfpack: Can you recall the most rewarding review you’ve received?

Brian: Probably my father bragging about me at Thanksgiving dinner last year.

Wolfpack: What book has been your biggest labor of love thus far?

Brian: Can we say all eight Stilettos? When I was 16, I sealed a letter to myself to open in the future that said Scott Stiletto would become the go-to secret agent hero of the 21st Century. I still have that letter somewhere in my files. It’s been amazing to see that what I first started scribbling in 8th grade math class has become something readers really like.

Wolfpack: What advice would you give to an aspiring author?

Brian: Don’t quit. I’m only where I’m at because I didn’t stop. Just be ready to work even harder once the goals are achieved!

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