The Colt of Destiny by Manuela Schneider


Michael Kent enjoys his life in sunny California as one of the world’s most sought-after experts on antique firearms. A new commission promises to be the most lucrative so far, but it turns out to be the most dangerous and terrifying job of his career.

When the mysterious Gorgo Conway hires Michael to search for the Colt 45 of legendary pistolero Johnny Ringo, Michael Kent has no idea that the hunt for the Peacemaker would lead him from the archives of Colt Firearms Manufacturing across continents right into the center of the Catholic church.

Michael´s research reveals shocking, deadly murders connecting the six-shooter to repeated tragedies across decades. But how is that possible?

The truth behind Johnny Ringo´s gun challenges Michael´s faith and sanity in a race against time. His only allies are two Benedictine monks and their wisdom concerning a deadly curse.

“An intriguing tale across two continents.” – Harlan Hague, author of Leaving Ah-wah-nee

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A Prospector’s Dream by Manuela Schneider

The silver strike lures Kansas farmer Jesse Connor to Tombstone, Arizona during a raucous period in American history.


Planning for a better life with his wife, Jesse faces unexpected betrayal and raging hate. What started as a vision for a better tomorrow soon turns into intrigue and attempted murder.

Will his only true friends, an old miner and the most desired of shady ladies rescue him, or is the entrance to the mines of Tombstone the road to hell?

“This great story has more twists and turns than a Western Diamondback and shows jealousy can be just as deadly. A must read for those who honestly believe ‘true love’ is a man’s greatest treasure.” – Phil Mills Jr.

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Manuela Schneider

Manuela Schneider As someone born and raised in Germany, author Manuela Schneider’s love of American Native and Western history might be surprising to some. But her fascination with pioneer life, cowboy heroes, and treacherous outlaws have been her constant companion for as long as she can remember. As a child, Schneider recalls being mesmerized by…

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The Unforgiving Daughter by Manuela Schneider


Standing by the grave of her murdered father, Sheriff Townsend, Elli swears she will bring justice upon the killers. Unfortunately, the only man who can help her is about to be hung for a crime he did not commit.

Elli must free Armando Phillipe Diaz to defeat the outlaw pack led by the ruthless Texas Logan. A dangerous chase leads to a long-lost treasure and into a deadly trap. Will Elli Townsend survive and be able to fulfill her oath to her father?

“If you like your westerns sprinkled with gunplay, revenge, romance and unlikely allies; this is the book for you.” – Rod Timanus

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