11 Reasons We’ll Always Love Paperback Books


Reading is reading, no matter how you do it, but paperback books will always have a special place in our hearts. Paperback books are what helped us all fall in love with reading, and nothing can replace that. The moment you crack open a new book you’re invited in with the smell, the roughness of the paper and the sound of the pages as you turn them. These books tell a story as they’re passed around, with notes in the margins, highlighted passages, dog-eared pages, tears and coffee stains left behind. It’s not just a book anymore, it’s a part of history that so many have enjoyed. No matter how much we enjoy e-books, here are a few reasons we’ll always love paperback books!


1. Paperback books allow us to peruse the aisles of bookstores for hours on end.

Happiness is a visit to the bookshop


2. You can’t just turn it off.

Paperback book turning off ebook


3. The smell, nothing beats the smell of a book!

Book sniffer


4. They make great decoration after you finish reading them.

Dr. Seuss Book sign

5. They never let us down.

Books don't crash


6. They might literally save your life one day.

Books on an island


7. Full bookshelves are a sign of success…and happiness.



8. We can hand them down and give them a second life.

Second hand books


9. We’ll always need them even when we have something better.

Broom and book at bar


10. Holding the physical book in your hands brings complete satisfaction.

A book is satisfying


11. And all of this.

Why books are great


Happy Paperback Book Day!


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