Lane R Warenski

Lane R Warenski

Lane R Warenski

Lane R Warenski lives in a log home in Duchesne County, Utah, where he has an unrestricted view of the highest peaks in the mighty Uinta Mountains. Warenski was raised being proud of his pioneer heritage and with a deep love and respect of the outdoors. Ever since childhood, following his father, Lane R Warenski has hunted, fished, and camped the mountains of the West. Whether it was the daily journals of William Ashley and Jedediah Smith or the fictional stories written by the great storytellers like Louis L’Amour and Terry C. Johnston, throughout his life, Warenski loves reading the history of the first explorers that came west, most of whom never dreamed they were opening this wild and rugged land to the pioneers and settlers that followed.

Series Work 

Grizzly Killer Series 

Grizzly Killer: The Making Of A Mountain Man — More Info | Purchase 

Grizzly Killer: Under The Blood Moon  — More Info | Purchase 

Grizzly Killer: The Medicine Wheel — More Info | Purchase

Grizzly Killer: Hell Hath No FuryMore Info | Purchase

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