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Gary McCarthy

Gary McCarthy

Gary McCarthy has been one of America’s most acclaimed western and historical novelists for many years, having had published over fifteen historical and thirty-five western novels in his long and distinguished career. Winner of two Western Writers of America Spur Awards, his love and knowledge of the West is evident in his writing. He received a B.S. in Animal Science from Cal Poly Pomona, California and an M.S. in Agricultural Economics from the University of Nevada, Reno. Gary McCarthy is also an accomplished horsemen and still rides frequently. In addition to his popular novels, he has written a highly popular four-book series covering 100 fascinating people, places and events called OUR AMERICAN WEST.

Gary McCarthy has written many series including THE DERBY MAN, THE HORSEMEN, AMERICAN RIVERS and four historical novels on our most beloved and famous national parks: YOSEMITE, GRAND CANYON, YELLOWSTONE and MESA VERDE.

“I like to tell my readers what is fact and what is fiction in my novels…that way they are both entertained and enlightened which leads many readers to visit my western settings. Doing the research on my novels – both westerns and historicals – is a lot of fun and hugely interesting. I especially enjoy visiting small historical museums where many old records, letters and accounts of our western heritage are found.”

Gary McCarthy and his wife Jane live in the Phoenix, Arizona area and love to explore the Southwest in search of new stories to tell. For more information on this author, visit his website at

Stand Alone Novels 

Bordertown Justice By Gary McCarthy
Blood Brothers By Gary McCarthy
The Buffalo Hunters By Gary McCarthy
Restitution by Gary McCarthy
Elvis & Cowboy Charlie

The River Series 

Gila River By Gary McCarthy
The American River By Gary McCarthy
The Humbolt River By Gary McCarthy
The Russian River By Gary McCarthy
The Cimarron River by Gary McCarthy

The Horseman Series

The Horseman By Gary McCarthy
Light Horse By Gary McCarthy
Texas Mustangers By Gary McCarthy
Blue Bullet By Gary McCarthy

Stallion Valley By Gary McCarthy

The Derby Man Series 

The Derby Man By Gary McCarthy
Showdown At Snake Grass Junction By Gary McCarthy
Mustang Fever By Gary McCarthy
Silver Shot By Gary McCarthy
Explosion At Donner Pass By Gary McCarthy

Sisters of Wyoming Series

sisters of the wyoming mountains book 1 
sisters of the wyoming plains book 2

Our American West Series


National Parks Historical Fiction Series

Mesa Verde Thundercover2_Kindle

 Maddie O’Brien Series


 The Medicine Wagon Series


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