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How To Whitelist Wolfpack Publishing E-mail

Whitelist E-mail Wolfpack Publishing wants to ensure you are receiving all of our emails straight to your inbox! You can add senders of legitimate emails you want to receive to your Whitelist, or Safe Sender List. Below are the instructions on how to whitelist emails for the

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Johnny Gunn

American author and novelist Johnny Gunn

Johnny Gunn Reno, Nevada novelist, Johnny Gunn, is retired from a long career in journalism. He has worked in print, broadcast, and Internet, including a stint as publisher and editor of the Virginia City Legend. These days, Gunn spends most of his time writing novel length fiction,

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An Interview With R.B. Tetro

An Interview With R.B. Tetro By Lauren Bridges R.B. Tetro joined Wolfpack Publishing in 2016 and has had three books published thus far, which include Misty Hill Reckoning, An Unlikely Gun Hand and Red Robin.  Wolfpack: I know you had quite a few jobs before you began writing, what

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An Interview With Western Author John Legg

Western author John Legg sits down for An Interview. John Legg has published more than 55 novels, all on Old West themes. He holds a B.A. in Communications and an M.S. in Journalism and is a member of Western Fictioneers. John Legg recently let me sit down

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M. Glenn Graves

M. Glenn Graves M. Glenn Graves was born in Mississippi but moved frequently in those early days of life from there to Tennessee, North Carolina, Missouri, and then back to North Carolina. Graduated from Mars Hill College located in the mountains of North Carolina, a small liberal

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LAST CHANCE Free limited time!

The Devils Bounty By L.J. Martin Another exciting Clint Ryan western…. Clint finds himself in a bargain that takes him into the dregs of San Francisco and the Barbary Coast, amid the baracoons and flesh traders. When a new freedman and he are thrown together, he finds

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