Best Western Novels From Wolfpack Publishing

Best Western Novels From Wolfpack Publishing

By Lauren Bridges

Wolfpack Publishing is proud to have published many of the best western novels to hit the market in the last 4 years.  Its been a privilege  to work with some of today’s top western authors in the industry, established authors like Robert Vaughan, L. J. Martin,  Gary McCarthy and John Legg, to name a few.  In addition to our established  authors Wolfpack takes great pride in our rising stars. B.N. Rundell, Cliff Hudgins and Lane R, Warenski are a few of our new western writers who’s  novels have topped the bestsellers lists. Wolfpack Publishing  titles have held the number one position on Amazon’s classic western bestsellers list longer and more often than all of our competing  western fiction publishers combined, for the past 4 years. Our success isn’t limited to the western genre, we have topped the lists in most of the historical fiction and action adventure categories. Below you will find a few of our bestsellers, western books that you are sure to enjoy!

Long Road To Abilene: The Western Adventures of Cade McCall

By Robert Vaughan

Best Western Novels From Wolfpack Publishing

After surviving the bloody battle of Franklin and the hell of a Yankee prison camp, Cade McCall comes home to the woman he loves only to find that she, believing him dead, has married his brother. With nothing left to keep him in Tennessee, Cade journeys to New Orleans where an encounter with a beautiful woman leads to being shanghaied for an unexpected adventure at sea. Returning to Texas, he signs on to drive a herd of cattle to Abilene, where he is drawn into a classic showdown of good versus evil, and a surprising reunion with an old enemy.

“I’m glad I’ve decided to give this one a try as this book is truly a delight for western enthusiasts!” -Amazon Customer

“This is a book that you can’t put down. It is an adventure in the grand style.” -Amazon Customer

To Keep a Promise (Buckskin Chronicles Book 1)

By B.N. Rundell

Best Western Novels From Wolfpack Publishing

The power of a promise made and a promise kept is realized when Jeremiah Thompsett comes of age and accepts the responsibility of fulfilling his mentor’s long-held dream. Raised by an escaped slave in the midst of the Arapaho nation in the Wind River mountains, he now must track down the slave catchers that killed his adopted father and stole their cache. The Vengeance Quest takes him and his companions through the mountains and across the nation to fulfill the promise of freeing the family of slaves held dear to his mentor and adopted father. Accompanied by Broken Shield and Laughing Waters, his Arapaho friend and his sister, the trek through the mountains and to Fort Union is fraught with hazard and ambush. It is here he is joined by Scratch, the crusty mountain man who joins him on his journey downriver and across country to find Ezekiel’s family and to seek to free them.

“Recommend this novel to lovers of the true wild western episodes. You will be deeply satisfied, I am definitely sure.” – Amazon Customer

“A fast-paced story of sacrifice, duty to honor, and Yankee ingenuity and well worth the time.” -Amazon Customer

Winter Rage (Mountain Times Book 1)

By John Legg

Best Western Novels From Wolfpack Publishing

A mountain man can survive anything even a cold day in hell… Nathaniel Squire is a giant of a man, and the only one Col. Leander Melton thought could lead his pack of greenhorn would-be trappers into the mountains. And deep in Blackfoot territory, Squire must teach the youths to face the ways of survival, the rage of the Blackfeet, the cunning of a traitor — and what it means to be a mountain man.

“Legg keeps you turning pages and the action keeps coming!” -Amazon Customer

“Another excellent Western from this author. This novel is well written with fast paced action from beginning to the end.” -Amazon Author

West of The War

By L.J. Martin

Best Western Novels From Wolfpack Publishing

Young Bradon McTavish watches the bluecoats brutally hang his father and destroy everything he’s known, and he escapes their wrath into the gunsmoke and blood of war. Captured and paroled, only if he’ll head west of the war, he rides the river into the wilds of the new territory of Montana where savages and grizzlies await. He discovers new friends and old enemies…and a woman formerly forbidden to him.

“I love tales of 1800’s pioneers making way to the west and their trials and tribulations they endure and this book doesn’t disappoint.” -Amazon Customer

“To use a much over used term, you won’t be able to put the book down!” -Amazon Customer

Viejo and The Ranger

By Cliff Hudgins

Best Western Novels From Wolfpack Publishing

Jason Bernard Ramsey II is a man of faith…but he becomes Jack Short, a man who kills whoever gets in his way. He discovers two skills he did not know he had…a fast draw and the ability to kill without remorse. He’s at odds with his faith and the law. If you break the law in Texas, you must answer to the Texas Rangers. This duty falls upon Lee Brannon. In a strange twist of fate, Viejo joins with the ranger in the pursuit of other outlaws, and discovers there is no real code of ethics among thieves and no misdeeds go unpunished.

“It is a good western story that I think most western readers will like, especially if you are a Christian.” – Amazon Customer

“I really enjoy this kind of book because of it’s uplifting nature. This story is different from the typical western in that it has so much heart. -Amazon Customer

The Horsemen (The Horsemen Series Book 1)

By Gary McCarthy

Best Western Novels From Wolfpack Publishing

After the Civil War devastates their home, the Ballous, a Tennessee horsebreeding family, relocate and start anew in the West where their new neighbors could become lasting friends or tomahawk-toting enemies.

“This book had romance, action, suspense and some strong characters. Looking forward to the next one.” -Amazon Customer

“Growing up in the west , this gives a high appreciation of our country and its hard-earned rights. Good read.” – Amazon Customer

Grizzly Killer: The Making of a Mountain Man

By Lane R Warenski

Best Western Novels From Wolfpack Publishing

When Zach Connors and his pa left their Kentucky homestead in the summer of 1824 to see the Rocky Mountains, he didn’t realize he would never see his childhood home again or that he would find love, friendship, fame, and a new home in this wild and harsh wilderness. After a grizzly kills his pa, Zach struggles to survive a cold and brutal winter alone. After killing a rouge grizzly and fighting hostile Indians on his own, he becomes known as Grizzly Killer and is respected throughout the West. Along with his dog, Jimbo, whom the Indians call the Great Medicine Dog, he finds Running Wolf, an injured Ute warrior, and together they fight off a hostile war party.

Best Western Novels From Wolfpack Publishing

They rescue two Shoshone sisters from the brutality of a French trapper and take them as wives. After Zach saves Running Wolf’s beautiful sister, Shining Star, he is expected to take her as a second wife, but his Christian beliefs conflict with the Indian traditions, and he struggles within himself to accept the Indian ways. Set in the rugged Uinta Mountains of Northern Utah, this is a story of survival against nature and hostile Indians and the clash of cultures between the Indians and mountain men that were the first to brave this uncharted wilderness, seeking their fortune from the pelts of the beaver.

“Excellent read. Very exciting. Well written and a great example of the Times. I can’t wait for Lanes next novel.” – Amazon Customer

“One of the best books I have every read.” – Amazon Customer


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